Free music on AUPEO! Personal Radio - simple and legal

You want free online music and at the same time to discover new music that you really like? All that and so simple a child could do it and 100 percent legal? Then you are in the right place at AUPEO! Personal Radio.

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Current hits from the charts and songs from cool Indie labels

We have a lot of music, like really a lot of music. Of course all the current hits from the charts from the major labels are there, but we have also dug up just as many smaller labels and independent Indie productions from our back catalogue. We have evaluated and ordered all the songs with an algorithm that we, in conjunction with the Fraunhofer Institute (the inventors of the MP3 format), have developed. Additionally, our music experts have their own editorial office in Berlin where the whole collection is examined and sorted a second time. The result: a massive databank of songs that you can listen to as free online music.

AUPEO! Personal Radio is available as an app and via your web browser!

Naturally free music on AUPEO! Personal Radio doesn't just exist on the web (incidentally its totally available without installing annoying players - just the browser of your choice) - we also have a free iPhone app, a free Android app, and even a free Symbian app. Simply go to your preferred App Store and download!

Worldwide internet radio licenses make global streaming possible.

Of course now you are asking: how do they do all that? It’s simple. We are licensed worldwide as an internet radio station and therefore can stream our music over the internet in every country in the world. You don't have to think twice about costs; we finance our cost-free offer through advertisements. If you don't want to listen to these you can also upgrade to AUPEO! Premium to listen to advertisement-free radio.

Direct control through Love and Ban - from now on listen to radio made just for you!

Whether with or without advertisements, it makes no difference. With AUPEO! Personal Radio you always have direct control over what we play for you. Each song can be evaluated with Love or Ban. We note your preferences and play more or less of this style for you. In this way each listener gets exactly the music that fits his or her musical taste. What's more, you can come across new songs and artists without extra effort thanks to our personalized online radio.