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Internet radio doesn't broadcast your program over the terrestrial network but rather over the internet. This way you can receive any program at any time - no matter where you are currently.

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Internet radio plays the music of the future

The term online radio refers to a radio program that is broadcast over the web. In order to be able to receive the content, you just need a (fast if possible) internet connection and a computer. By now many devices are able to receive internet radio. AUPEO! runs, for example, on many Wi-Fi radios and TV sets as well as mobiles and smart phones.

Internet radio enjoys a high level of popularity

We are based in Berlin, so let´s start with some numbers from the home market: Through the (almost) comprehensive coverage of internet connection, almost 100 percent of 14-to-29-year-olds in Germany are online. The consumption of free music over online radio is therefore continually increasing. A recent online study showed that 13 percent of this age group had already visited a music portal like AUPEO! Three percent of those asked listen daily and five percent at least once a week. 58 percent of those asked said that the opportunity to listen to their favorite music was the reason for using online radio.

Online Radio Usage in the USA and UK

Naturally online radio isn't just a big deal in Germany, but also in the USA. A study from Bridge Ratings & Research showed from various studies that 19 percent of US Americans over the age of 12 years old listen to web-based radio. A survey conducted one year later by Ambitron showed further that 13 percent of US citizens between the ages of 25-54 years regularly turned on their online radio. In Great Britain online radio is also enjoying increasing popularity. In October 2008, 2.9 million British listeners tuned to personalized music online, one year later the number was already up to 4.5 million. The tendency is rising!

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