Music online - this is digital radio without boundaries!

With regular radio stations, alternative Indie stations or music platforms like AUPEO! Personal Radio - online music is easy.

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Listen to digital radio worldwide- this is only possible with online music over the Internet.

Millions of people are already using the Internet to listen to online music at home and on the go. There are many options of available, such as personalized music services like AUPEO!, classic style radio stations as well as smaller "pirated" radio and also automated live streams.

Tens of thousands of online radio stations with varied content.

The offering of live radio stations online is huge. There are tens of thousands of stations with varied content. The classic radio stations extend their normal program on the internet and give playback in real-time. The many smaller Indie stations are well liked and can be run by a large community or even two friends with a computer and an Internet connection. Special formats like automatically streaming police scanners or political news from different countries can also be found online. The largest number of possibilities are offered by personalized music platforms like AUPEO! Personal Radio, where you as the listener can control the stream of online radio programming.

Very easy: online music on your Computer

One thing that all online radio providers have in common is that they can be received in many ways. Especially easy is to listen to online music on your computer. Most providers stream music directly through a website while a few others require the installation of separate music playing software. With the separate player, programs like iTunes, WinAmp, Windows Media Player, or Real Player offer the possibility to link directly into live radio stations online. The list of stations is provided by vTuner, Shoutcast, Reciva, or other similar services.

The Alternative: online music via Internet radio, Smartphone, or another device

Alternatively it is possible to listen to live radio stations online with many different devices. Web radio has been incorporated by large and small manufacturers into many different devices from specific Internet radios like NOXON to multi-room solutions like Sonos and many other Internet capable devices. Online music has also been incorporated into Internet TVs through set-top boxes and many smart phones have integrated online radio. The device must of course be purchased from a provider that sells devices that come equipped with online radio.

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