With online radio you have a say over the play list

These days there are so many broadcasters of radio online. Only with AUPEO! will the music that you really want to hear be played.

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Listen to radio online and enjoy

Online radio is not transmitted through radio waves; it is sent over the internet. For this reason there is a great advantage: No matter where you are in the world, your favorite radio online station AUPEO! is already there. A classic radio transmits over a specific frequency, which is why it is only available in a specific location. Listen to music online, and it is completely independent from where you are. The data is compressed, such as a MP3, Ogg Vorbis or Real Audio- and is transmitted through a so-called streaming protocol.

Online radio and personalised online radio

Besides streaming music from classic radio stations, such as BBC Radio, XM Radio, NPR, The Voice of America or ABC News Radio, there are also many personalised radio stations, like AUPEO!. While DJs and radio management decide what you will listen to on classic stations, with AUPEO! the listener, you, determine what is played. We just offer you a few different stations, from Rock to Pop to Classical, so that you can choose your favorite station easily with one click. When you mark the music being played with either love or ban, we will quickly learn your taste and will play only the music that you really like.

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