R&B Music Radio - the Genre Stations for all R&B fans

Start your own personal radio by selecting one of the radio stations curated by our editorial team.
Here you will find only the best music stream of R&B Music Radio.


Genre Stations

The genre stations - carefully put together by our radio music experts.

With our unique online music genre stations, we make it easy to join in the world of personalized online radio. Our AUPEO! music experts have carefully picked out just the best music by hand for all of the genre stations.

It's so easy to discover new music.

Never before has it been this easy to discover good, new music. You see, everybody has a favorite genre. Here at AUPEO! Personal Radio we have made it easy to access the world of personalized radio. Select a genre with just one click and you'll start to stream music you want with our radio stations online.

Professional knowledge from our editorial staff

When we put together the genre stations, which basically function like an independent radio station, we relied solely on the professional knowledge of our Internetradio editorial staff in Berlin. There we have experts who are devoted to online music. They regularly add new streaming music and edit the content of each genre station for a perfect compilation. AUPEO! Personal Radio, unlike most other providers of online music, is not linear. Every listener gets a personalized music program that can be adjusted easily.






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